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Nuclear power generation contributes about 35 percent of the electricity used by Duke Energy 's customers.

In fact, the Crystal River Energy Complex is the largest generating station in the state of Florida and one of the largest in the country. The single nuclear unit called CR3 produces about 838-MW s, there are also four coal-fired generating units  making up a total site generating capacity of about 3,200 MWs. 

In the future, the company is considering the possible development of two additional nuclear units in nearby Levy County, about 7 miles north of Crystal River.

Below is a link a Duke Energy website where you can find more info.


If your child attends one of the five schools located within a 10-mile area surrounding Duke Energy’s power plant facility, they may be transported to another location as a precaution if conditions at the plant warrant such a move. 

We have no reason to believe an incident that would endanger the public will occur, but the health and safety of these children has prompted the development of evacuation plans should such a need arise.

Should your child’s school be evacuated for any reason, parents may pick up their children after they are transported to the new location (see below).

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD at a Crystal River school - as they have priority bussing and will be transported to a safe facility in Inverness.

Students evacuated will remain at the new location until picked up by a parent. Any student not picked up by 7 p.m. will be taken to the Withlacoochee Technical Institute on West State Road 44 in Inverness to wait for a parent.

Tune into an EAS radio station for current evacuation information.

For more information about public schools or emergency information and planning pertaining to students, please contact the Citrus County School Board at 726-1931.

Where Do Students Go?

Crystal River Primary School
947 N.E. 6th Street, Crystal River
Ph. 795-2211
Crystal River High School
1205 N.E. 8th Street, Crystal River
Ph. 795-4641
Marine Science Station
12646 W. Ft. Island Trail, Crystal River
Ph. 795-4393
Academy of Environmental Science
12695 W. Ft. Island Trail, Crystal River
Ph. 795-8793



These students are
transported to
Citrus County


Crystal River Middle School
344 N.E. Crystal Street, Crystal River
Ph. 795-2116

These students are

transported to
Citrus Springs Middle School


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