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While other divisions are tasked with taking criminals off the street, the Judicial Services Division is responsible for a providing a variety of services.

The Civil Section, located at the courthouse in Inverness, maintains all civil process papers, including subpoenas, writs and other legal documents, and files, updates and serves these judge-mandated materials as required by law.

  Enforceable Civil Process and Levy Information

  List of Certified Process Servers

The Court Security Section includes sworn bailiffs responsible for inmates once they enter the courthouse. This section provides security for judges, all courthouse staff and visitors to the judicial center. Non-sworn, volunteer bailiffs are also utilized in the courtrooms.

The Transport Section is responsible for transporting inmates from other jurisdictions (including other states) and securing these individuals while making court appearances. The main method of transport is by automobile, but the section also uses air travel from time to time.

Judicial Services Technical Lieutenant
Misty Clendenney

At our facility located at the privately run county jail, Duty Section deputies process all persons arrested in Citrus County, plus secure bonds. Anyone taken into law enforcement custody, whether its by the Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida Highway Patrol, the FBI or any other agency making an arrest in our county, must be fingerprinted, photographed and processed by a duty officer prior to incarceration.

Also located at the county jail is our Warrants and Career Criminal Unit (CCU). These detectives work to find repeat offenders and provide the judge with their lengthy criminal histories. By showing the judge their risk of violating the law again, the CCU helps secure tougher, longer sentences for these subjects. This unit also monitors non-violent offenders sentenced to wear an ankle tracking device so their movements can be traced.