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CID Captain
Dave DeCarlo

The Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of the following units: Major Crimes, Special Victims, Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC), Sex Predator, Gang Intel/Runaways, Forensic Media Specialist, ID and Evidence, School Resource Officers (SRO), and Victim Advocates. All serious felonies (homicide, home invasion,robbery) are assigned to Major Crimes detectives. The Special Victims Unit investigates reports of criminal child abuse or neglect. The ICAC Unit investigates all crimes comitted against children that involve the use of a computer. Ths Sexual Predator Unit keeps track of all sex predators and offenders in our county. The ID and Evidence Unit is responsible for processing crime scenes, identifying latent prints and collecting and securing physical evidence.

The Gang Intel/Runaway Unit is responsible for gathering intelligence on all juvenile gangs, motorcycle gangs, and all subversive groups, and also follows up on all reported runaways. The Forensic Media Specialist is responsible for setting up and maintaining all surveillance equipment and processing all media evidence. The SRO Unit deputies are assigned to all of the area schools and perform counseling, teaching and law enforcement duties. The Victim Advocates help victims of crime navigate the complex criminal justice system and also provide support and direction to resources in the county.

Major Crimes Section
  • Major Crimes Unit
  • Frauds/Financial Crimes
  • Identification & Evidence
  • Media Forensic Analysis Unit

Special Investigations Section