Citrus County Sheriff's Office Headquarters           1 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Avenue Inverness, FL 34450-4968
Citrus County Sheriff's Office Headquarters
1 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Avenue
Inverness, FL 34450-4968
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Citrus County Sheriff's Office
1 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Avenue
Inverness, FL 34450-4968
Citrus County Sheriff's Office
Emergency Operations Center
3549 Saunders Way
Lecanto, FL 34461-7108
Main Office / Civil / EOC
Inverness Operations Center   352-726-4488
Inverness Civil Office   352-341-6525
Non-Emergency   352-726-1121
Emergency                  911
Community Resource Offices
Beverly Hills / Ridge Area   352-746-3484
Crystal River / Gulf Region   352-795-4241
Administrative Offices
Undersheriff, Commander Buddy Grant
Administrative Services Bureau Chief Rob Forlini
Public Safety Bureau Chief Jim Goodworth
Animal Control
Supervisor Lora Peckham
Community Crimes Unit
Detective Andres Lahera
Detective/OIC Jim McIntyre
Detective Robert Greatrex
Detective Jacob Chenoweth
Detective Mark Dera
Detective Dave Gater
Detective James Hughes
Detective Ed Serocki
Detective Corey Sharpe
Community Resource Officers
City of Inverness / Deputy Michelle Tewell
City of Crystal River / Deputy Scotty Roush
Criminal Investigations / Major Crimes
Captain Brad Smith
Lieutenant Brian Spiddle
Detective Bryan Hesse
Detective Jose Carreras
Detective Chris Holloway
Detective Tony Ricci
Detective Anthony Ricci
Detective/ICAC Tiffany Barry
Civilian Liaison with Dept of Children and Families Portia Guinn
Detective Bruce Arnold
Detective Matt Taylor
Detective Chris Cornell
Detective John LaBelle
Detective Ken Lakatis
Detective Bryan Melhado
Detective/OIC Lee Carey
Forensic Media Analyst Corey Allen
Victim Advocates
Supervisor; Advocate Sharon Doncourt
Evidence and Forensics
Supervisor/Crime Scene Specialist Dave Cannaday
Evidence Custodian Liz Laughlin
Evidence Technician Chris Bagge
Crime Scene Specialist Bryan Eldridge
Crime Scene Specialist Eric Malz
Crime Scene Specialist Jillian Messer
Crime Scene Specialist Ashley Pate
OIC/Crime Scene Specialist Crystal Burts
Emergency Management
EM Director/Capt. Dave DeCarlo
Deputy EM Director / Comm Mgr Chris Evan
CAD Administrator Dennis Devoe
Communications & Emergency Management Assistant Summer Wyllie
EM Planner Bretlee Jordan
Community Affairs
Crime Prevention Deputy Nancy Suto
Senior Affairs Coordinator, Seniors vs. Crime Storefront Manager Lee Alexander
Volunteer Coordinator Deputy Andy McEwen
Volunteer Program Email Us For Info
Finance Director Tracy Seffern
Accounting Analyst Connie Gist
Accounting Supervisor Ginger Krieps
Accounts Payable Analyst Joleen East
Fiscal Analyst Susie Goyette
Payroll Analyst Andrea Muzzupappa
Fire Rescue
Deputy Chief Craig Stevens
Battalion Chief, EMS, Traning & Safety Scot Prater
Fire Marshal / Fire Prevention Paul Gillum
Insurance Information/Fire Reports Linda Fritz
Logistics/Vendor Edith Parker
Volunteer Opportunities Andy McEwen
Fleet Maintenance
Supervisor Mike Snider
Human Resources
Director - Captain Elena Vitt
Assistant Terri Rockett
Information Technology
Director Kevin McDow
Intelligence Analysis
Supervisor Sherry Cook
Crime Stoppers Liaison James Cernich
Eastside Analyst Chrissy Messer
Major Crimes / TIU Analyst Lori Cronshaw
Pawn Analyst Karen Cobb
Sex Offender Analyst Heather Ramos
Westside Analyst Heidi Lasher
Judicial Services / Civil
Courthouse Sergeant Troy Hess
Warrants Sergeant Dawn Alexander
Civil Clerk Sheri Moeckel
GPS Tracking Deputy Tim O'Melian
Transport Deputy Mike Hudgens
Warrants Clerk Lynda Gill
Warrants Clerk Hillary Whirle
East District - Captain Justin Ferrara
Special Ops - Captain Ricky Grant
West District - Captain Danny Linhart
Lieutenant Carlton Green
Lieutenant Jeff Munday
Lieutenant John Novy
Lieutenant Alan Vick
Eastside Patrol / FTO Squad Sgt. Ray Fischer
Eastside Patrol Sgt. Matthew Baird
Eastside Patrol Sgt. Craig Callahan
Eastside Patrol Sgt. Bobby Lambert
Westside Patrol Sgt. Joe Casola
Westside Patrol Sgt. Steve Conley
Westside Patrol Sgt. Craig Fass
Westside Patrol Sgt. Jason Shephard
Executive Secretary Michelle Shomer
Public Service Officer Coordinator Jim Cernich
West District Operational Sergeant Ryan Glaze
Professional Standards
Lieutenant Michael Kanter
Accreditation Manager Wayne King
Accreditation Officer Kim Billingsley
Accreditation Officer Jody Bloomer
Administrative Secretary Amy Zwinge
Public Information
Public Relations Manager Heather Yates
Public Relations Specialist Lindsay Blair
Manager Donna Young
Supervisor Kim Helms
School Resource Officers
Supervisor / Sergeant Ron Frink
CSMS, CRES Tiffany Barry
HES, FRES Tim Langer
IMS, IPS Kat Powers
PGE, FCES Derrick Bogart
Supervisor / Sergeant Scott Farmer
CRMS, CRPS Mike Barry
HES, RCES Casey Phillips
LMS, LPS Mitch Cook
Crossing Guards
Sergeant Scott Farmer
Sergeant Ron Frink
Special Details
Executive Secretary Michelle Shomer
Staff Services
Building Maintenance George O'Regan
Inventory & Property Control Coordinator Jessica Gallant
Tactical Impact Unit
Special Ops - Captain Ricky Grant
Sergeant Ed Blair
Law Enforcement Academy Director Dave Vincent
Law Enforcement Academy Coordinator John Clark
Training Sgt. Juan Santiago