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Citrus County Sheriff's Office Headquarters
1 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Avenue
Inverness, FL 34450-4968
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Fire Rescue

Citrus County Sheriff Fire Rescue

We are very proud to say the Fire Department is a Division under the Citrus County Sheriff’s office, which is only the second County in the State of Florida to do this. Citrus County Fire Rescue joined the Sheriff’s Office in October 2011 and is now Citrus Sheriff Fire Rescue. Citrus Sheriff Fire Rescue administration consists of the Bureau Chief of Public Safety/Fire Chief, Chief James Goodworth, The Deputy Fire Chief that is the Division Commander for Fire Rescue, a Battalion Chief that oversees EMS, Training and Safety Operations and the Administrative Assistant.

Fire Rescue Administration is responsible to oversee the Fire Rescue Operations, Fire Rescue Budget, Fire Rescue Special Operations, and the Fire Marshal’s Office. All other administrative functions such as Human Resources, Finance, Staff Services, Computer Services, Quality Assurance, and Media Relations are integrated with the other Citrus County Sheriff’s Office Divisions.


Currently Fire Rescue employees 74 fulltime employees and 30 Paid on-call Firefighters.

  • Career Firefighters work 24 hours on duty and 48 hours off duty. This gives us three different shifts A Shift, B Shift and C Shift. On duty daily we have a total of 22 career Firefighters spread out into nine career Fire Stations. Assigned to each shift 24hrs a day is a Battalion Chief who is the Shift Commander.
  • Paid on-call Firefighters are State certified Firefighters that can perform the same functions as a career firefighter but are called to the Station in the event of a call if available. Most Paid on-call firefighters have full time jobs outside of Citrus Sheriff Fire Rescue. Currently we have 3 Stations that are strictly covered by Paid on-call personnel.

Volunteer personnel consist of trainees, support and rehab personnel.

  • Trainees are personnel in the process of becoming a Florida State certified Firefighter.
  • Support personnel simply assist with functions outside of the hazard zones at incidents thy typically have pervious Fire Service training or experience.
  • Rehab personnel bring needed rehabilitation resources to a large incidents or incidents we may be on scene for an extended period of time. Rehab personnel assist with rehabilitation of Firefighters during incidents as needed.

Fire Rescue Special Operations consist of a Hazardous Materials Team and a Technical Rescue Team both teams are staffed by current personnel on shift.

The Fire Marshal’s Office consists of one Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal and 3 inspectors that complete all business Fire Safety Inspections, Public Education programs, compliant and fire code violations.