House Check

There is a 6-month time limit per calendar year for the security watch service.

Start Date: (mm/dd/yy) -Required
End Date: (mm/dd/yy) -Required

(Citrus County ordinance requires all homes to be marked with a house number visible from the roadway.)

Sub Division:
Home Phone:
Directions (Required):
Directions Line 2 (if needed):
Phone number where we can contact you out of state/area in an emergency:
Local emergency contact person? Name:
Local emergency contact person? Phone:
Do you have an alarm system?:
Who is the alarm service provider?
Do you have lights on in your home or on a timer? (Recommended)
Will any vehicles be left in the driveway? If so, Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Model:
Vehicle Color:
Are there domestic animals in or around the home?
Name of person/company (& phone number) authorized to be on your property:
Any other pertinent information we should know about?

Sheriff's member taking this request (if applicable):
Today's Date:
Taken By Phone? If yes, please read the disclaimer below to the owner/caretaker.

A house check is a courtesy service of the Citrus County Sheriff's office. A house check does not preclude you from being a victim of a crime and it does not guarantee the security of your home. In the event you return early, please notify the Sheriff's Office immediately at 352-746-3484. The Sheriff's Office reserves the right to refuse or cancel a security watch without prior notice.

Owner/Caretaker -Place an X in this box to acknowledge the above disclaimer.

(Failure to place an X in this box will stop the processing of this house check.)

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