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The Strategy for Success

As many of you know, I like football… a lot. Specifically, I’m a huge Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan and am very committed to watching every single (albeit painful) game. One thing that always strikes me about football is the myriad of playing strategies the head coach uses throughout the game. To me, it’s the single-biggest factor in winning – or losing – a game. You can have the best talent, the most money, the biggest and most beautiful venue, but it doesn’t matter a bit if your coach doesn’t have a good strategy. The strategy used must be evaluated, tweaked and enhanced continually. It must not be stagnant. It must change to fit the situation. The same can be said for any law enforcement agency.

Now in my 18th year as your Sheriff, I can honestly say we have a superb strategy in place that effectively helps prevent crime. I’ve been “preaching” this strategy – called Intelligence Led Policing – for over three years now, and we are reaping the benefits of using this crime fighting method since it was introduced to us in 2010.

Sheriff Jeff Dawsy
Sheriff Jeffrey J. Dawsy

As I’ve stated before, ILP is a new way of doing business. It is a strategy that is proactive instead of reactive. Instead of just trying to catch those who are committing crimes, we’re attempting to stop crimes before they occur. Since 2010, our crimes against persons and property crimes are significantly lower now than ever before. As with any strategy, we will see ebbs and flows, but this is undeniable proof that ILP works.And so the vicious cycle continued.

In order to tweak our ILP strategy, I meet with the agency leadership every January to evaluate our successes and identify our top priorities for the year. We then meet continually throughout the year to massage our approach. This ensures that we “up” our game -- that we not remain static – for whatever new challenges await us.

This year, our top ILP objectives are:

  • Reducing property crimes (thefts of items from citizens)
  • Finding and stopping the production and use of methamphetamines
  • Finding and stopping those who sell and use illegal prescription drugs
  • Focusing on those committing retail thefts

Incidentally, a large number of property crimes and retail thefts are committed by drug users; hence, we know that attacking meth and illegal prescription drug use will automatically decrease property crimes and shoplifting.

There are many strategies we use to combat these issues and they are all centered around the ILP concept. I want you to know that the men and women of this agency are committed to your safety. It is important to all of us that we stay focused on our objectives to keep this community safe.

You can help keep us ahead of the game by sharing information with us. Simply call 911 when you see something suspicious. Or report crimes anonymously, and be eligible to receive a cash reward, by contacting Crime Stoppers of Citrus County. Visit the  website for more information.

Working as a team, we can all help Citrus County stay one of the safest in the state. Here’s to a very successful 2014.