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The Sexual Predator Unit is responsible for tracking all registered sexual offenders and predators in the county.  This unit tracks each offender/predator to make sure he or she is:

  • re-registering bi-annually or quarterly (whichever requirement is applicable)
  • up-to-date on any new laws (i.e., having a new driver's license by 2/1/08 with the applicable Florida State Statute on it)
  • updating their driver's license when relocating
  • following many other mandated requirements.

The Sexual Predator Unit also investigates any possible violations of all sexual offender requirement laws, to include failing to register in Florida, failing to re-register, failure to obtain a driver's license, failure to notify the department within 48 hours of a move, and much more.

They also facilitate sexual predator notifications that are done in county neighborhoods.  Notifications are done on predators and those 'top' offenders that are deemed violent and/or have a victim 12-years-old and younger.

You can use this site to view sexual offenders/predators in your area.  Simply click on a link to the left to do your search.  You can search by full or partial last name, by full or partial first name, or by zip code.

Please contact the Sexual Predator Unit with any questions.

Lt Kevin Purinton - Phone: 726-4488, Ext 2714   E-Mail: