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The Choices curriculum was developed by the School Resource Officer Program in 2009 in an effort to interact with incoming freshman in high school. “Choices” is the last formalized instruction given to Citrus County students prior to graduation. We believe that this is a crucial time in a student’s life when they are becoming young adults and the choices that they make could affect the rest of their lives. Most lifelong students of Citrus County have been hearing our messages since elementary school and we wanted to review and reiterate the importance of this information as they enter the next phase of their educational careers. “Choices” was designed as a high speed audio/visual presentation designed to keep the attention of teenagers with videos and interactive questioning. The program consists of six lessons with topics that include:

If you would like more information regarding the Choices program please contact your School Resource Officer at any of the following numbers:

Citrus High School: 352-726-2241 ext. 4515

Lecanto High School: 352-746-2334 ext. 4227

Crystal River High School: 352:795-4641 ext.4822