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After the Citrus County Sheriff's Office School Resource Officer Program had designed and implemented the FOCUS program for the 5th grade students of Citrus County, a longtime school resource officer recognized the need for Citrus County’s youngest citizens to learn basic safety lessons so they could be even safer at home and in their neighborhoods.

The result was Junior FOCUS (Filtering Out Crime United with Students), a program taught to all first graders in Citrus County.  This mini-program consists of six easy-to-follow safety lessons that can be taught at any time throughout the school year.

Youngsters learn about the proper safety procedures to follow
when faced with situations involving the following items:
  1. the front door
  2. the telephone
  3. the kitchen
  4. if they find something
  5. how to respect each other
  6. how to be safe with people they don’t know
For instance, in the lesson entitled “The Kitchen", kids learn about the potential dangers located in the family kitchen.  They’re taught to know which areas in the kitchen are most likely to harm them.  Even though the kitchen may seem like a fun place, youngsters learn about the obvious and hidden dangers there, and what rules to follow.
To learn more about Junior FOCUS, please call Deputy Todd Farnham at 352-726-4488.