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In a collaborative effort between the Citrus County Sheriff’s office, Citrus County School District, Citrus County Health Department and Partners for a Substance Free Citrus, the School Resource Officer programs teaches “Know the Law” to all 7th grade students in Citrus County Schools. The idea behind this curriculum is that most student’s age 12-14 years do not understand the justice system and often don’t know that some things they do could be law violations. Know the Law reviews the most common offenses often committed by a juvenile and explains the consequences for committing those acts. It is our hope that by providing the youth of our communities with accurate and real life information, it will give them the tools they need to make informed decisions when it comes to their choices.

Some examples of lessons are:

  • Crime Defined
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Offenses
  • Weapons, Firearms, Arson and Crimes Against Persons
  • Property Crimes, Trespassing and Internet Crimes

If you have any questions regarding the Know the Law Program, please contact your Resource Officer at any of the following schools:

Lecanto Middle: 746-2050 ext.4752

Crystal River Middle: 795-2116 ext.5219

Inverness Middle: 726-1471 ext.5525