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The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Unit is comprised of nearly 650 citizens serving Citrus County.  Our members come from all walks of life and bring with them many years of life experience.  This experience, combined with dedication and a willingness to help fellow citizens, is an excellent example of people “helping one another.”  To volunteer, please contact Deputy Andy McEwen at 527-3701 or e-mail

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Mounted Posse
The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Posse is a volunteer equestrian group supervised by agency personnel. These riders assist law enforcement officers when the use of horses is advantageous. For more information about the mounted posse, please call Capt. Elena Vitt at 352-341-7406.

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Mounted Posse

PSO Program
The PSO program is designed for individuals to supplement the sworn deputy sheriff force by handling specific calls for service not requiring use of law enforcement authority.  They investigate traffic accidents, assist in traffic control at any number of events, investigate and generate reports involving vandalism and certain thefts, enforce parking violations, and handle endless other routine duties that a regular sworn deputy would be required to do if they were not there.  Specially trained and selected officers serve in the Judicial Division handling civil process service.   The PSO program also has a marine unit that does waterborne patrol, and interested officers may seek opportunities in the Crime Prevention Unit.
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PSO Classroom Training

PSO Driving Range

PSO Driving Range
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The commitment for this position is that an applicant must be willing to undergo the extensive training process and agree, once training is complete, to serve a minimum of 1 day per week for an 8 hour shift.  The applicant should be willing, within reason, to assist in times of special needs such as hurricane or other natural or manmade events.

The training normally will involve an intensive two week (8 hour day) classroom study, followed by on the road training riding with PSO officers and designated FTO (Field Training Officer) PSO’s until it is determined that the applicant is suitable for service operating solo.  At that time a final check ride will be administered, and the individual could be assigned to operate a shift by themself.  This whole training process can last from 2 to 3 months.  Specialty unit training involves more but will normally not be available to new PSO’s.

The selection process starts with the submitting of an application by an individual who is willing to commit to the above process and is physically able to perform the tasks normally required of this position.  A background check will be conducted, and the individual will be contacted for an interview.  After the interview, if still interested, the applicant will be scheduled for 2 rides with active PSO officers for first hand exposure to what the job entails. Once sufficient applicants have completed these steps a selection board will be convened, and the applicant will appear before a panel for another final interview.  The applicant will be advised of the board’s decision, and if selected, notified of the class date to begin training.  An orientation meeting will be held shortly after final selection where questions will be answered, and ride along authorization with regular deputies and PSO’s will be given prior to beginning class.

To have us send you an application, or if you
need more information on the Public Service Officer program,
please call Jim Cernich: 352-249-2801.
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  • Volunteer Handbook   (For Current Members)