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About Citrus County Sheriff's Office

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) is a full-service law enforcement agency serving Citrus County, Florida. Citrus County is located on the west-central coast of the U.S. state of Florida.  Citrus County has two incorporated municipalities, the City of Crystal River and the City of Inverness, making the CCSO the only law enforcement agency in the county. The county seat is Inverness, and its largest community is Homosassa Springs.

We humbly serve the over 150,000 residents of our county and the more than 530,000 people who visit our county every year. Let’s face it, Citrus County is a great place to live, work, and play. That’s why our teammates at CCSO enthusiastically embrace our mission of Excellence in Public Service and vigorously pursue our vision to make Citrus County the Safest Community in Florida.

Our core values are Integrity, Service about Self, and Loyalty above All. The members of our community deserve nothing less and we plan to provide them nothing short of these morally sound pillars. The work that the rest men and women of the CCSO put in day after day, night after night, 24/7 around the clock, speaks volumes about our dedication to protect and serve.

Last year, deputies made 6,351 arrests and conducted 34,519 traffic stops. Our office even received 205,390 total calls for service in comparison to 175,353 calls in 2018. Those are the calls of our citizens needing our help and those calls were answered and responded to. Speaking of response, we unwaveringly listen to the concerns of our citizens and integrate those very apprehensions into our operations. We do so because our community members are also the eyes and the ears of our operations. We welcome their help to make our county the safest place to call home.

When members of the community began to express their concerns about traffic issues through the county, we LISTENED and we took ACTION. Last year we issued a total of 28,116 traffic citations in comparison to 24,892 citations for 2018.  Just let those numbers sink in. Deputies wrote 3,224 MORE citations than they did the previous year. We are proactive in our community and receptive to our community’s needs.

If we were not proactive, our office would not have seized $1,082,880 total street value of illegal drugs in an effort to clean up our neighborhoods.  Making our neighborhoods safe is a priority. That’s also why we preformed 1,679 compliance verifications for sexual offenders, arresting 35 of which for non-compliance.  It’s the safety of the members of our community, including our youth and visitors, which is the cornerstone of our operations.

There’s a significant amount of viable facts, figures, and data that exemplify the selflessness and dedicated service our CCSO teammates make for the citizens and visitors of Citrus County. We are humble and proud of everything we do – that’s WHY we do it.

For more information on our various departments and how our agency operates, visit our “Divisions” section under the “About” tab on our website’s homepage.