IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY DIAL 9-1-1           NON-EMERGENCY LINE (352) 249-2790

Bureau of Law Enforcement Operations

Ferrara - Copy
Colonel Justin Ferrara
Law Enforcement Operations

Welcome to the Bureau of Law Enforcement Operations. In this bureau, Colonel Ferrara is responsible for the divisions of East District Patrol, and West District Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Judicial and Juvenile Services, Communications and Special Operations and Training.

This bureau is responsible for providing primary law enforcement services to the approximately 162,500 residents of Citrus County, including the incorporated areas of Inverness and Crystal River. Services provided by this bureau include sheriff patrols, detective investigations, court security, civil processes and law enforcement training, as well as accreditation functions. The operations of the divisions under this bureau collaterally augment the agency by assisting with the mission of delivering excellence in public safety.


East & West Patrol District

Criminal Investigations

Judicial & Juvenile Services

Special Operations and Training