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Trespass Form

Judicial & Civil Services

Civil Process

Florida State Statute requires the Sheriff’s Office to serve all enforceable civil process listed here with fees.

Non-enforceable process service will be handled by a private process server. 

Trespass Instructions

Please print and fill out the trespass information form and follow the instructions below.

  1. Fill in all information completely.

  2. Mail PAGE 1 to the person being trespassed (CERTIFIED-RETURN RECEIPT). What you send CCSO must be signed by the subject being trespassed. If this is not done, the trespass is NOT valid.

  3. Send a copy of page 1 and page 2 along with the copy of the return receipt (green card) to:
    Citrus County Sheriff’s Office
    ATTN: Trespass Warning Registration Center
    1 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Avenue
    Inverness FL 34450

    Upon receipt of the copies, the documents will be reviewed and approved. Once approved, the trespass warning is then entered into our Records Management System.

  4. Retain copies of page 1 and page 2 and keep the original return receipt.

    These documents should be presented to a Deputy Sheriff upon request

NOTE: Failure to complete the forms in their entirety or follow the instructions above will result in the return of the documents with no action taken by the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

Note: if the subject is still present after a deputy arrives on scene, the respondent is subject to arrest. If the subject is no longer on the premises, a report will be completed and you may be referred to the State Attorney’s Office to pursue charges against the subject who violated the trespass warning.

**** The trespass warning is NOT an injunction for protection. To obtain an injunction, contact the Clerk of Courts (341-6400).

Frequently asked questions

Where do I get the certified – return receipt form?
They can be obtained at any post office and can even be ordered to be mailed to you free of charge from the postal service.
What happens if they refuse to sign for the letter?
Hire a civil process server at your own expense to serve the trespass warning.
How long is the trespass good for?
The trespass is valid until the petitioner notifies the Sheriff’s Office in writing, asking for the trespass to be null and/or void.
What do I do if the respondent violates the trespass warning?
Contact the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office and have a deputy respond to the location and report the incident.