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Fallen Law Enforcement Memorial

On May 11th of 2021, CCSO unveiled a memorial to honor the fallen deputies of the Citrus County Sheriff Office.  The memorial is located at the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters in Inverness and will serve as an everlasting reminder of the brave deputies who made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of our community.  With this monument, we remember those who have served our community with dignity, honor, and courage. May they never be forgotten.

The names of those who gave their lives while serving Citrus County will be forever memorialized in this monument. To date, the following fallen officers’ names are inscribed on this monument:

J.W. NewsomeName: J.W Newsome

Title: City Marshal (Floral City Marshal’s Office)

Born: April 28th, 1875

End of Watch: Tuesday, March 3, 1908

                                             Cause: Gunfire

Floral City Marshal J.W Newsome died on Tuesday, March 3 1908 at the age of 32. Newsome received a tip, which is now perceived to be a false one, on a man that was wanted for an earlier shooting. The goal of the person who sent the tip in was to “lure” the Marshal to the saloon. When arriving at the local saloon, an illegal liquor establishment, Marshal Newsome was shot and killed. Newsome advised the suspect he was under arrest and when the suspect began to raise his gun Newsome grabbed his as well. They shot simultaneously but Marshal Newsome was hit and died instantly.

The Line of Duty death was apparently and unfortunately “forgotten” by local officials and later rediscovered by Dr. Wilbanks in 1996. His death was then brought to the attention of Sheriff Charles Dean of Citrus County and Sheriff Dean then certified Newsome’s death. Newsome is remembered today for his dedication and bravery. The names and whereabouts of his descendants are unknown because after the death of J.W Newsome, they left town for “parts unknown” and they’re not listed in the 1900 FL census. It is known that he was survived by his wife, three children, and two brothers. J.W Newsome’s grave can be found in the Hills of Rest Cemetery in Floral City, FL.

James McIntosh McMullenName: James McIntosh McMullen

Title: Deputy Sheriff

Born: November 6th, 1852

End of Watch: Tuesday, December 26th, 1899

Cause: Gunfire

Deputy James McIntosh McMullen, was assassinated at his home on December 26, 1899 at the age of 47-years-old. McMullen is a decedent of the most prominent pioneer family of Pinellas County. Deputy James McIntosh McMullen served the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office in the late 1800s as a sheriff’s deputy. He was the first law enforcement officer of Citrus County to be killed in the line of duty. The assassinator of McMullen was a fugitive from justice and after the assassination the killer fled the scene. It is still unknown if he ever was apprehended.     

McMullen was born on November 6th, 1852 in Thomas County, GA and he is one of seven children. Deputy McMullen’s grave can be found at the McMullen cemetery next to their log cabin in Pinellas County. In 1997, Citrus County Sheriff Jeff Dawsy certified the name of James McIntosh McMullen to the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C. James McMullen’s death was brought CCSO’s attention by Dr. Wilbanks. Deputy McMullen was survived by his wife, and two children. McMullen is a hero that is remembered today and the sacrifices he made will never be forgotten.

Aubrey Fred JohnsonName: Aubrey Fred Johnson

Title: Master Detective

Born: 1936

End of Watch: Tuesday, February 11th, 1997

                                         Cause: Automobile crash

While on duty Master Detective Aubrey Fred Johnson sadly died from an automobile crash. At time of the accident Detective Fred Johnson was 61-years-old. The accident happened on Tuesday, February 11th 1997. While driving on duty, Master Detective Johnson’s car collided with another car and then continued to hit a utility pole. Johnson was dedicated to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office with a total service of 16 years. We continue to honor and mourn Detective Fred Johnson and those whose watch have ended much too soon.