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Hire an Off Duty Deputy

If you already have a log in to our detail system, please click on the link below:

To obtain a copy of our current Off Duty Detail Contract, click the link below:

Per Florida Statue 30.2905, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office administers an Off Duty Detail program in order to permit deputies to engage in secondary employment for public and private services during off duty hours. These services are typically secured to escort funeral processions, wide load transports, facilitate traffic flow or provide security and maintain order.

To hire a deputy for an off duty detail, an Off Duty Detail Contract must be completed and submitted to the Off Duty Detail Coordinator. Once your request is received, you will be given a log in to Detail Kommander to complete the process.


Deputy Rate Non-alcohol event $25.00/hr (3-hr minimum)
  Alcohol event $27.50/hr (3-hr minimum)
Supervisor Rate Non-alcohol event $27.50/hr (3-hr minimum)
  Alcohol event $30.00/hr (3-hr minimum)
Vehicle Surcharge Stationary Vehicle $20 per vehicle
  Moving/Idling $6.00/per hour, per vehicle


Off duty details require electronic payment through the detail system via credit card, debit card or bank account. A payment method must be on file before a detail can be scheduled. The payment method on file is invoiced after the detail is completed. A 7% service fee is applied to each transaction. No cash or checks are accepted.


Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled event, but before 12pm on Friday before a scheduled weekend event. Cancellations may be made electronically through the detail system. Failure to cancel your event at least 24 hours in advance will result in a 3-hour minimum charge to each deputy assigned and the $20 patrol vehicle charge for each vehicle scheduled.


All requests for Off Duty Detail employment will be reviewed and approved by the Special Operations Captain. All employers will be required to employ a sufficient number of deputies to ensure safe and efficient law enforcement coverage. Your ability to hire an off-duty deputy is at the sole discretion of the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office. We reserve the right to deny any requests that are deemed inappropriate or unsafe for agency personnel. The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to cancel any and all off duty details without notice in order to recall agency personnel for official duty at any time. The Off Duty detail program is completely voluntary, therefore we cannot guarantee a deputy will be available for your event.

Michelle Shomer
Detail Coordinator