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Professional Standards

Misty Clendenney
Misty Clendenney

The professional Standards Division has multi-faceted responsibilities, including oversight and managing Fleet, Evidence, Accreditation, Community Relations, and Volunteers.  

Being a state and nationally accredited agency helps ensure the safety of our personnel by adhering to the highest standards in public safety.  The progressiveness of our training programs increases safety while decreasing the liability of the agency. 

The sections in this division include:

 Fleet Management
The Fleet Management Department is responsible for the repairs and maintenance   of CCSO’s entire fleet of vehicles and equipment used for day-to-day operations.   While a large part of the department’s responsibilities includes maintenance,   employees of fleet conduct repairs that occur from traffic accidents, theft, vandalism, and other mishaps.
This section has multi-faceted responsibilities including the oversight and management of training standards and regulations for sworn personnel, training programs in public safety and homeland security, Accreditation Programs, and the development of law enforcement policies. This team is dedicated to enhancing public safety and improving criminal justice.
The Evidence department is a two-person team who ensures that evidence is properly packaged, stored, and has an accurate chain of custody. Most importantly, this unit ensures the integrity of the evidence is maintained throughout its transactions. From a crime scene to the courtroom, our Evidence technicians handle hazardous materials, narcotics, firearms, and anything else that can be considered physical evidence. 

Community Relations
Community Relations serves as the agency liaison to the news media. Personnel in this department are responsible for engagement with members of the press and the dissemination of agency information in an accurate and timely fashion via press conferences, news releases, responses to media public records requests, and social media.
Efforts are made by this department to establish a positive, professional relationship between the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office and various media outlets in

an attempt to keep the public informed

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Unit is comprised of nearly 400 citizens serving Citrus County. Our members come from all walks of life and bring with them many years of life experience. This experience, combined with dedication and a willingness to help fellow citizens, is an excellent example of people “helping one another.”