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Professional Standards and Communications


Professional Standards and Communications Division has multi-faceted responsibilities, including oversight and management of training standards and regulations for sworn & civilian personnel, training programs in public safety and homeland security, Accreditation Programs, and the development of all agency policies. The division is dedicated to enhancing public safety and improving criminal justice.

In our mission to deliver excellence in public safety, our Professional Standards and Communications Division must maintain oversight of all agency in-service training programs related to civilian and sworn law enforcement officers.

The division consists of sworn and civilian employees. Personnel in the division are responsible for safety and certification training of approximately 225 law enforcement personnel, maintenance and accountability of all firearms and weapons, fitness facility maintenance and wellness programs, accountability and renewal of all officer and instructor certifications.

Being a state and nationally accredited agency helps ensure the safety of our personnel by adhering to the highest standards in public safety.  The progressiveness of our training programs increases safety while decreasing the liability of the agency. 

The sections in this division include:

  • Training
  • Accreditation & Professional Standards
  • Evidence
  • Communications
  • CAD/911