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El Niño and its effect on Florida

El Niño has global impacts: some negative, some positive. Even for Florida and the Southeast U.S., some El Niño influences are beneficial; some not so beneficial. 

  • El Niño has been significantly reducing Atlantic hurricane activity this season.
  • El Niño is expected to bring above average precipitation to Florida during Fall-Winter-Spring...reduced risk of wildfires...higher risk of flooding.
  • Increased storminess across the southern U.S. increases the threat of severe weather in Florida this winter.

The overall El Niño impact for the Southeast U.S. this winter is shown below. The Gulf Coast will see cooler and wetter conditions this winter, not because of numerous arctic outbreaks, but because of the stronger influence of the subtropical jet stream. Storm tracks will then be farther south producing more clouds, rain, and severe weather.

As always, your Emergency Management Team is ready for any severe weather that may impact Citrus County.  You can find more information including Emergency numbers, shelters and how to sign up for our Code Red Alerts by visiting clicking on the Emergency Mangement tab at the top of this page.  .


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Citrus County Most Wanted

NAME: Jacob John Stone

Wanted for:
VOP - 2 felony counts for credit card fraud and possession of Meth

AGE: 25